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Brief introduction of Taiwan Drama River Scenic Area
Drama and Taiwan River scenic area is located in Baihe Forestry Bureau of ponderosa pine Lin Pu field southeast of 5 kilometers place, 9 km away from the Changbai Mountain Beishan doors, from Baihe Forestry Bureau site 28 kilometers, the total area of treat hectares. In a ladder River Falls group, Yang brother eight tree, waterfall of the goddess seven sister, nursing ginseng sacred tree, pine's mother, mountain of the altar, the goddess eight younger sister waterfall, goddess nine sister waterfall, unite and stone, honey products Pavilion, viewing spots "quiet, ancient, strange" is famous for its large stage river scenic area.
Small forest eco tourism scenic area
Minor groove forest farm is located in Dunhua City beautiful Yanming Lake, has the congenital advantage of tourism resources, the geographical position in state-level protection of wetlands hold, fresh air, the environment elegant. Two years, Dunhua Forestry Co., Ltd. seize the favorable opportunity for the construction of the new forest. The natural advantage of minor groove do a lot of planning, use two years of time, to the minor groove of the infrastructure system transformation;
Yellow River old Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area
"There are four seasons in a mountain, ten different days old white" is also situated in Huangnihe nature reserve during. Known as the Changbai Mountain sisters said the old white mountain, 1696.2 meters above sea level, is the third peak in Northeast asia. For most of the year in the snow, so old white. Old Baishan beauty in the original ecological (vertical landscape belt, flowers), odd in the water (nine cascade) stone (Shihai) pine (Pinus pumila) birch (Betula ermanii).
Changbai Mountain original ecological tourism
Changbai Mountain forest area is beautiful, the scenery is pleasant, is a well-known domestic and foreign leisure, vacation, tourism destination. Development of tourism industry in Changbai Mountain, famous Chinese and world - famous relying on and to group within the jurisdiction of the natural landscape and cultural landscape for the development of space, with a focus on building five original eco-tourism brand =, the construction of forest tourism industry to become one of the pillar industries in the Changbai Mountain Forest industry group.
Thousand years of Scenic Area
Millennium yew growth at an altitude of 1281 meters in Changbai Mountain Laoyeling mountain, named for its body skin and fruit color red. Yew, the body is a treasure, anti-cancer, anti radiation, the medicinal value of lowering blood sugar, such as health, longevity, after extraction of paclitaxel is the famous Chinese and foreign. The scarcity of resources, Taxus rare materials, known as the North pear said, has been listed as a national list of protected species.
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