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    In recent years, Changbai Mountain Forest Industry Group in the "integration of resources, the forest utilization; nine plate, three-dimensional development; transformation and development, across management" approach to lead, foresight, innovation, the construction of ecological greening nursery industry as a strategic pillar industry taking the lead in development, scientific layout, standardized operation. Relying on the most representative of the core area of Changbai Mountain green resources endowment, the ecological construction of green seedlings industry as a group of strategic choice, for the whole group to build the ecological construction of seedlings industry, hung the United States mode and the forest seedling integration model, the group as the main sponsor of the establishment of the China Forestry Industry Association, the branch of the work region, the radiation.


    The development of ecological greening seedling industry is an important source of enterprise's operating income and one of the supporting points of the enterprise's operating income, which is the main source of the enterprise's operating income. After the group over the next two years of joint efforts, the rapid development of the group's green nursery stock industry, cadres and workers to enhance the awareness of the concept, the development of seedlings industry enthusiasm unprecedented, professional and technical maturity, the basic formation of the talent, the basic realization of the two. Through two years of development and construction, to speed up the construction of the country's largest ecological green seedlings base. In line with the assessment of the seedlings; seedling seedling of one in the mode of development, in accordance with the "crown propulsion, Lin Miao", grasping seedling transplanting, scale advantages; catch the local Miao, buy the country to sell the country, take the market advantage; grafted seedlings, technology value-added advantage, special shape, special special advantage; catch the potted seedlings, ecological advantages in improving the marketization level, relying on the Chinese Forestry Industry Association Branch, continue to run the elite experts in science and Technology Innovation Award and line network trading entity transactions combined "o2o" electronic commerce mode. In Hong Mei nursery stock company in Beijing, Shenyang two stores set up cover, a subsidiary of the 12 sales department, radiation northeast and North China regional market; in seedling benefit maximization, to more than two years planted seedlings to domain and abroad base as commercial timber that pipe up, follow the rule of seedling growth and Cultivation shaping, increase the added value as soon as possible, so that the current market estimation values are transformed into sales.


    As of the end of 2014, the group established within the territory of the region, 34000 acres of ecological green seedlings base, 11634000 acres of ecological construction green seedlings cultivation.

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