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    Changbai Mountain Forest Industry Group in order to complete cessation of natural forests from commercial logging, forest the main function of the timber production as the main construction northeast ecological barrier and national timber strategic resource reserve base to the comprehensive transformation of the new normal, established the modern development of traditional Chinese medicine health industry development ideas.


    In May 2014, Changbai Mountain Forest Industry Group and China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement, full development of Chinese medicinal material resources in Changbai Mountain, do bigger and stronger modern Chinese medicine health industry, to jointly promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. Established in Changbai Mountain Medicine Association and Chinese medicinal herbs in Changbai Mountain Co., Ltd., grasp and China Pharmaceutical Group cooperation of the favorable opportunity and spare no effort to promote the Beijing Pharmaceutical and health of Changbai Mountain forest, Changbai Mountain edible and medicinal fungi, Changbaishan medicinal animal breeding base construction, to construct the unique characteristics of the Changbai Mountain brand "Changbai Mountain modern Chinese herbal medicine health industry clusters.


    Chinese herbal medicine industry to cultivate the Changbai Mountain of genuine Chinese herbal medicine materials as the core, according to modern industrialization mode of operation, production raw material of green, health, safety, quality of herbs. Plans to use 5 years completed all construction tasks and organizational acceptance, construction quality herbal material industry base of 30 million hectares, initially identified under forest ginseng, acanthopanax senticosus, Osmunda, Atractylodes rhizome, white fresh, fragrant solomonseal rhizome, Rhizoma Cimicifugae heracleifoliae, dragon of puncturing mud, acanthopanax senticosus, return to the soul grass, Taxus cuspidata, divaricate Saposhnikovia root, astragalus root, baikal skullcap root, gentian grass, gastrodia, Glehnia root, asarum, Polyporus, bupleurum etc. for cultivation and breeding of the main varieties, 143.2 million tons of annual production of high-quality grass medicinal raw materials, of which, 77.2 million tons of fresh, dry goods 660000 tons. Each production cycle (5 years) the average annual sales income of 6240000000 yuan, profit of about 1270000000 yuan.


     After the completion of the project will produce significant economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits. Will effectively boost the Changbai Mountain forest industry group key state-owned forest built the first industrial space intensive and highly efficient, life livable space modest, a beautiful ecological space, harmony between man and nature "rich, open, ecological, harmonious and happy" beautiful new forest.

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