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Changbai Mountain Forestry Industry Group
is situated at the core area of Changbai Mountain Range in Eastern Jilin Province

Which is the source of four different rivers--Tumen, Songhua, Mudan, and Yalu and strategic timber supplier and ecological barrier. The forests have a long duration of thousands of km, which have a great variety of natural species and provide habitats of some endangered animals, such as Northeast tigers and leopards.

Changbai Mountain Forestry Industry Group prides itself in possessing a business area of over four million hectares, divided in 14 subsidiaries with their total assets of almost eight billion. Based in the great Mountains, Changbai Mountain Forestry Industry Group is the fifth largest of its kind in forestry in this country, shouldering great tasks of afforestation and ecological civilization construction. Starting with the “four different key items” of water, seedling, ginseng, and fruit of Korean Pine, the Group focuses on six strategic industry of ecological seedling trees, medical herbs, precious trees, forest economy, ecological tourism in forests, and forest mineral water. The Group is devoted to building a new forest region of “economic prosperity, opening, ecology, social harmony, and happiness”.
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